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Cesár Sampson

Cesár Sampson will explore the power of music to unite people. He will be performing two songs: ‘Lazy Suit’ and ‘Nobody but You’.


Superar and singer Cesár Sampson will open the Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 with a music performance.

This dance performance by 6e Sens Companies and DK-BEL features dancers with and without disabilities. It conveys the values of sharing, togetherness, kindness and respect and explore the feeling of beauty, with the aim of understanding how it can be a conduit connecting personal emotion to collective emotion, and even universal emotion. Beauty, as poet Charles Baudelaire saw it, is linked to the bizarre, to strangeness, chaos, pain and the fragility of beings. The choreographic piece ‘C'est BEAU!’ presents a unique, gentle vision of beauty. The performance will also feature in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

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