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Art can evoke powerful emotions, tell compelling stories, and inspire us to overcome barriers. Art generates empathy, understanding and commitment to take action.

That is why musicians, poets, dancers, singers and performers will take centre stage at the Fundamental Rights Forum 2024.

They will show us how arts can drive change, help us tackle hate and inspire us to promote equality and inclusion.

Superar will open the Forum with a powerful music performance in collaboration with Austrian singer Cesár Sampson.

Superar is a non-profit organisation that uses music to change society for the better. It offers free musical education to children across Europe. It allows them to benefit from the positive impact of music, irrespective of their cultural, religious or financial background.

Cesár Sampson, who represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, will later perform his song ‘Nobody but you’ and take part in an engaging interview on stage.

Theatre company Raizes Teatro will then take the Forum participants on a journey through the challenges young, underprivileged people face in Europe. Their ‘Europe is…’ performance shows a world where everyone can take part, regardless of their gender, skin colour or disability.

Evoking the values of kindness, togetherness and respect, dancers, the 6e Sens Companies and DK-BEL will bring an inclusive dance performance, featuring dancers with and without disabilities.

We will hear more from WaterBear, the home of captivating films and thought-provoking series that empower you to lead a meaningful life.

The Chorus Juventus will close the first day of the Forum with the 40-strong Viennese youth choir.

The second Forum day will kick off with a unique performance by the Italian Collective Liberamente. Their dance and theatre show ‘After hours’ will speak about vulnerability, disorientation, escapism and fear. At the same time, it will show strength, resilience and resistance.

Sara Nazari, one of Sweden’s best-known spoken-word poets, will share her recent poetry.

Filmmaker and slam poetry champion Lisette Ma Neza will close the Forum with a poem inspired by the discussions.

Throughout the event, participants can also visit art installations and exhibitions.   

On the main stage, the Themis project will bring a real-time avatar that gives a voice to various ecosystems and lets them claim their rights.

Biometrics of Absence will delve into the profound meaning of identity and contrast this with the reduction of migrants to fingerprints. And the climate time machine will allow people to experience firsthand what the future will feel like if we do not act decisively now.

Award-winning photojournalists Cesar Dezfuli and Evgeniy Maloletka will display their work chronicling real-life struggles.

Check the Forum programme now and register to follow these powerful art performances online.

FRA/Voglhuber, 2021

FRA/Voglhuber, 2021

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