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The climate crisis is a human rights crisis. It affects a wide range of rights and exposes global inequalities and social injustice. How can we tackle climate change and address rising inequalities? How can we build a fair and sustainable future for Europe?

Protecting people and the planet are two sides of the same coin. That is why the Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 will focus on safeguarding human rights while also protecting the environment.

The event will bring together businesses, activists, human rights defenders, civil society, and regulators, so they can bounce ideas off each other, find common ground and put forward their vision for a more sustainable future that puts human rights at its heart.

One panel discussion will explore the role human rights play in addressing climate change and consider the risks and opportunities of the green transition.

Focusing on corporate social responsibility, participants will also examine how businesses can increase their transparency and empower consumers to make environmentally conscious and socially responsible choices. 

The need to redefine the current financial, economic and governance models that contribute to climate change, inequalities, and social injustice will also take centre stage. Participants will seek ways to ensure fair social and ecological outcomes that involve activists, young people, and local communities in the decision-making process.

Private companies play a key role in promoting sustainability. At the Forum global brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Tony Chocolonely, will showcase their efforts. UEFA will present their approach to fostering social and environmental sustainability in European football.

Business representatives will be joined by EU regulators, human rights organisations, activists, and international organisations, such as the UN, European Commission, OECD, Council of Europe, European Youth Forum and Equinet.

Throughout the Forum and through its wide range of activities, participants will have a chance to meet, share ideas and form new alliances.

The ‘X meets Z’ talks will try to bridge the gap between different generations. Immersive masterclasses will offer practical tips for anyone interested in building a more sustainable Europe.

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lovelyday12 ©, 2024

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