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Do you want to boost your practical human rights skills? Get inspired by the masterclass sessions at the Fundamental Rights Forum! From learning how education can counter racism to using technology to uncover human rights abuses, these practical classes will provide useful insights that you can apply in your own work.

The masterclass by the Anne Frank House will show you how education helps tackle antisemitism and racism in football. They will take you through their work with football supporters and amateur players. Ultimately, they will show that countering antisemitism and racism in football requires a common effort by football clubs and associations, NGOs and local governments.

Staying with football, UEFA will outline their efforts to foster social and environmental sustainability in European football. Timely with the EURO 2024 due to be held in Germany this summer. They will provide practical insights into UEFA’s targeted measures and investments, coupled with examples of how it is building capacities and catalysing collaboration across national associations, leagues and clubs to support sustainable development. 

Euronews will reveal how podcasts can provide a space for amplifying underreported stories. They will introduce innovative methods of creative audio storytelling to empower citizens when covering complex topics like climate change or AI. They will draw inspiration from their podcast series ‘Ocean Calls’ and ‘Euronews Tech Talks’.

Ben & Jerry's and Tony’s Chocolonely will showcase their real-life efforts to tackle human rights issues in the cocoa industry. They will talk about eradicating child labour and ensuring a living income for cocoa farmers. You will get practical advice on replicating these models for a sustainable future.

Amnesty International will demonstrate the power of open-source technologies to document and expose human rights violations. They will speak about the use of photogrammetry, 3D modelling, geospatial and weapons analysis in specific case studies. It will provide the audience with a glimpse into how these tools and techniques are driving human rights investigations today.

The cities of Vienna and Mechelen will reveal how they encourage youth participation and inclusion and promote democracy through education. In Vienna, they created a new format for pupils and their parents to enable social participation for all, regardless of their origin, income or education. In Mechelen, a project focused on how to improve the sense of belonging of children and young people with migration background at schools. These two examples will clearly show the impact of schools on society not only as an educational institution but also as a social space.

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The masterclasses will also be recorded and made available later for future reference.

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