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In an increasingly digital world, tech advances affect every aspect of our lives, including our fundamental rights. How can we make sure that technology works for us and not against us? And how can we protect our rights while encouraging innovation?

The Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 will cover all things digital. On 12 March, the Forum sessions will focus on the impact of digitalisation on people’s rights, zoom in on the role of tech companies and discuss the risks associated with the use of new technologies in policing and border management.

Through panel discussions, roundtables, masterclasses, and immersive tech presentations, participants will take a deep dive into the risks and opportunities digitalisation brings.

One panel will focus on AI’s potential to discriminate and contribute to inequality. Panellists will also explore how technology can advance rights, by creating a fairer society, fostering social solidarity, and encouraging innovation.

Exploring the role of big tech companies, another panel discussion will look at practical solutions for regulating tech companies, increasing transparency, and ensuring fair and competitive digital landscapes that protect people’s rights.

The intersection of digitalisation and security will also feature in the programme. Panellists will examine the use of AI, facial recognition technologies by law enforcement, and discuss the relevant privacy and data protection safeguards.

The Forum will hear from tech developers, creators, and users, including Microsoft and Google, as well as regulators, watchdogs, civil society, and activists.

Practical masterclasses will offer a unique hands-on learning experience. For example, the Amnesty International will demonstrate how online investigations can help record human rights abuses and bring perpetrators to justice.

The ‘X meets Z’ talks will aim to find a common ground between millennials and gen Z on the most pressing tech issues of today.

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Tierney ©, 2024

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