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From climate change to erosion of democracy, our world faces multiple human rights challenges. How can we find common solutions to these complex issues? How can we better work together and pool our resources to the best effect? 

The Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 is where we can come together to find solutions. It unites thinkers, makers, creators, and doers with a simple goal: to shape Europe’s rights-based future.

It offers a space for dialogue and a place for participants to meet, share, pitch ideas and build partnerships.

Throughout the event, the Forum’s ‘Marketplace of Connection’ is the vehicle that will drive meaningful connections across generations and disciplines.

Sitting at the ‘Human Rights Table’ we will hear diverse voices from human rights experts, philanthropic organisations like PHILEA, activists, international organisations like the Council of Europe, as well as youth champions.

Fireside ‘Meet the …’ chats will allow participants to engage with and learn from people at the cutting edge of human rights in their work. We will hear insights from the EU’s antisemitism and antiracism coordinators, a World Press Photo award-winning journalist, and the intercultural and interreligious dialogue centre, KAICIID, among others.

‘Pitch and Match’ sessions will grant participants the opportunity to introduce their projects, share best practices and explain their goals to potential partners. Join the sessions to dive into the work of Europe’s homeless federation FEANTSA, and the CyberPeace Institute, the organisation that seeks to protect the most vulnerable in cyberspace.

The ‘X meets Z’ talks are where members of different generations will hold frank discussions. Listen as gen X and gen Z seek common ground on wide-ranging topics such as racism or disability rights.

Kasto ©, 2024

Kasto ©, 2024

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