Sport and human rights

Sports can help strengthen common values and overcome barriers and distrust, cultural misconceptions, prejudices and fears. However, sports can also be a platform for xenophobic, discriminatory and homophobic bullying and harassment.

At the Forum, EU policy makers will connect with sports organisations and civil society groups to harness sports’ potential in building an inclusive and diverse society.

The Vienna Institute for International Development and Cooperation (VIDC) and fairplay will focus on how sports can lead to the social inclusion of migrants, people with disabilities and other groups.

But it’s not all talk. There will also be hands-on sessions. The Austrian Federation of Sports for People with Disabilities (ÖBSV), Kicken ohne Grenzen (Football without Borders), Play Together Now and Rugby Opens Borders will showcase how sports empowers different people in their local environment.

Programme of activities

Champions of Inclusion: The power of sports for more inclusive and cohesive societies

15:30-16:30         Ultimate Frisbee: practice and storytelling

16:30-17:30         Touch Rugby: practice storytelling

17:30-18:30         Blind football practice

Participants are welcome to join in and play! Please feel free to ask questions to the coaches of the different teams. Please also address the coaches if you would like to have a conversation with one of the athletes. The coaches shall be present during such talks. Please refrain from posing direct questions to the athletes with a disability; only address their coaches. Thank you for your understanding and have fun!

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