Media accreditation

The Forum takes place in two locations: Vienna City Hall (20 June) and Vienna Congress Centre (21 to 23 June).

For accreditation media need to register before 15 June by contacting:

Ms. Blanca Tapia (FRA), Media Manager
+43 1 580 30 650

For exceptional “ad hoc” accreditation, media will be requested to present: 

  • A valid press card (national or international) or a letter of assignment on official letterhead of a media organisation

Media Facilities at the Vienna Congress Centre

A dedicated Media Centre is available for all accredited journalists, offering live broadcasts of the discussions in the Plenary and audio mixers. Journalists can also use a live stand-up position in the entrance of the Forum. To interview participants, journalists can use meeting rooms next to the Media Centre.


Which languages will be used?

The Media Manager can be contacted in English, German, French and Spanish.

Can I get FRA notifications e-mailed to me?

Yes. Contact requesting to receive all press releases and media advisories. Indicate if you would like to receive embargo information.

Where can I follow the Forum on social media?

Check out the FRA’s Facebook page, Twitter @EURightsAgency, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Media advisories and press releases


Highlights for journalists


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