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Speaker List

Tomáš Boček, Special Representative on Migration, Council of Europe

Tomáš Boček

Special Representative on Migration, Council of Europe

Tomáš Boček is the Council of Europe’s Special Representative on Migration and Refugees. He is in charge of gathering information on the situation of the basic rights of migrants and refugees in Europe, and developing proposals for action. In the field, he also coordinates with Council of Europe partners, in particular the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organisation for Migration, UNICEF, the EU and FRONTEX. One of the priorities of his mission is to protect the some 300,000 child refugees who are reportedly in Europe. He has visited hotspots, and migrant and refugee camps in the Balkans. He has also been Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs and Deputy Minister for International Relations and European Affairs at the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Justice. In addition, he was the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the Council of Europe.

"I welcome FRA’s initiative to hold a Fundamental Rights Forum where practitioners, grassroots workers, thinkers and high-level decision-makers can come together to discuss refugee protection as one of the challenges that we face in securing the Europe of values in today’s world. I look forward to a productive exchange of views and ideas to try and identify what concrete steps we can take to strengthen the protection of the fundamental human rights of refugees and migrants in Europe."



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