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Speaker List

Soraya Post

Member of the European Parliament

Soraya Post is a Roma activist and a member of the European Parliament. She is the first MEP from an ideologically antiracist and feminist party and the first Romani in Swedish history to stand as a priority candidate for a political party. A Roma rights activist focusing on the empowerment of Romani women and the self-determination of Romani society, she has been a Human Rights Strategist in the County Council for West Sweden. She also founded a Romani school, the International Roma Women's network where she was president, and was one of the founders and vice-president of the European Roma and Travellers Forum. She has been an advisor to government bodies in Sweden as well as the Council of Europe and the European Commission, and a member of government inquiries on human rights, discrimination and Roma rights. She is currently a member of the Swedish Commission against anti-Gypsyism. She believes the EU is currently at a crossroads that will decide its future. The rising right wing extremism in Europe has grown to an extent that it is influencing mainstream politics, and in some countries it has become part of the norm. We see it in the inability of political leaders to take their full responsibility for the migration situation in the world and we see it in the deteriorating situation for minorities such as Roma, for women and for LGBTI-people. If we do not change this development in time, it will be the ruin of our democratic societies. The Forum will be an important opportunity to discuss how to safeguard fundamental rights and put the EU back on track again.



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