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Speaker List

Laurène Souchet

Laurène Souchet

Secretary General, European Patient Forum

Laurène Souchet is currently Policy Adviser at the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). EPF is a not-for-profit, independent umbrella organisation of patients’ organisations in the EU, with 67 member organisations. Its mission is to to ensure that the patients’ community drives policies and programmes that affect patients’ lives, to bring changes empowering them to be equal citizens in the EU. Her current areas of work include: equity of access to healthcare; policies to tackle discrimination encountered by patients in healthcare; education; employment; data protection; and eHealth. Working for an organisation that advocate for the rights to health and seek to tackle health inequalities and discrimination in healthcare, she looks forward to connecting with other organisations sharing similar goals at the Forum, to reflect on solutions for inclusion and empowerment.



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