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Judy Korn, Founder and Director of the Violence Prevention Network

Judy Korn

Founder and Director of the Violence Prevention Network, Germany

Judy Korn is founder and CEO of Violence Prevention Network (VPN) and Ashoka Fellow. She started her engagement combating extremism and radicalisation in her school days. Her activism began on the day her friends were openly attacked and beaten by neo-Nazis when she was just 14 years old. Even at this young age, she refused to accept that extremism, and violent radicalisation are acceptable. Through her activism she was successful in reducing violence and radicalisation in her neighbourhood and in achieving a more peaceful co-existence between various youth groups in the City of Berlin. Based on her experiences, she is genuinely convinced that people have the potential to change themselves. After years of public service work, she decided to leave and devote her time and energy to realising her ideals and goals. Founding the Violence Prevention Network was exactly such an opportunity to bring about positive change in her community. The focus of Violence Prevention Network is to have direct dialogues with extremists and radicalised people with the aim to stimulate and attend disengagement and deradicalisation. Various federal ministries, state-level justice departments, security agencies and institutional partners have worked closely with the association from its inception. More than 60 colleagues are working today for Violence Prevention Network in all over Germany.



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