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Speaker List

James C. Hathaway

Professor of International Law, University of Michigan

James C. Hathaway is Professor of Law and Director of the Refugee and Asylum Law Programme at the University of Michigan. He is also Distinguished Visiting Professor of International Refugee Law at the University of Amsterdam. He regularly speaks about refugee law to academic, non-governmental, and official audiences around the world. His view is that for the first time in decades, there is a keen determination to ‘fix’ the international refugee protection system. While attention has mainly focused on the arrival of Syrians and others in Europe, the reality is that over 80% of the world’s refugees arrive in, and are protected by, poorer states. Can the world come together to agree on the contours of a new approach to implementing legal duties to refugees that is both fair to all refugees around the world, and which respects the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the states that receive them?


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