Code of conduct

The FRF builds on an inclusive and respectful working culture

The Fundamental Rights Forum promotes a working culture based on respect, dignity, openness and equality to ensure an inclusive environment in which everyone invited can fully participate.

All participants, speakers, working group hosts, open session organisers, partners and staff (including volunteers) commit to this working culture, to creating an inclusive environment and all the elements listed below. Abusive or discriminatory language or behaviour in any form during the Forum, including during working groups, open sessions, as well as in online media such as Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, etc., is not tolerated.

The FRF is a youth-friendly space

The Fundamental Rights Forum is a youth-friendly meeting space. Young people will participate throughout the event, and all participants will adopt a youth-friendly approach when interacting with young people and respect their personal data.

The young people attending the Forum are very diverse, also with regard to their experience in participating actively in such an event. To ensure all of them enjoy a safe place to speak and act, all participants will appreciate and encourage young people’s contributions. They will provide enough time for young people to give their viewpoint and to ask questions. They will adapt their language as the situation requires, e.g. speak slowly and clearly, avoid the use of acronyms and do not assume expert knowledge.

Photography / filming during the Forum

Participants and speakers are encouraged to take and share their own photos/ videos, as long as the other participants’ wishes are respected. Photography / filming should not be done secretly or against people’s wishes. It is required to ask permission before taking photos or making any kind of recordings of individuals or small groups.

FRA uses photos of participants and videos to promote current and future events. If you do not want images of yourself to be taken and/or published, please indicate this in the registration form when registering for the event. The Forum organisers will propose a visible tool that participants can show if they categorically do not want to be photographed or filmed.


All participants are expected to observe the above rules in all Forum venues, including online communication, and Forum social events.

Forum organisers will be wearing clearly visible badges. There will be staff at the registration/information desks at all times. You can address them about any issue. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody. Please do not hesitate to contact FRA at:

During the Forum, if you need to contact someone concerning the Code of conduct, please do not hesitate to contact FRA via:
Phone: +43 664 885 815 48 

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