Arts and human rights

Arts can captivate and inspire audiences. That’s why the Forum will have an artistic dimension to illustrate how arts can help convey human rights messages.

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Music for human rights

Musicians For Human Rights and Square Waltz will perform during the Forum.


Musicians playing in an Orchester
Musicians For Human Rights © Priska Ketterer, 2018
Three Musicians one with a violin
Square Waltz © Weinstabl 2018









Films for human rights

There will be film screenings followed by panel debates at Stadtkino, hosted in cooperation with ‘this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival’. 

  1. Exit (24 September 19:30) – How can you belong to a group that believes firmly in an idea, and what makes you suddenly change your mind? What was the ‘wake-up call’ that made the film director Karen Winther and a group of violent extremists leave violence and extremism behind? After screening the documentary Exit, a panel debate will discuss the possible interactions between radicalisation, hate crime and violence on one hand, and marginalisation, abuse, trauma and the feeling of belonging to a ‘group’ on the other.



    • Karen Winther, Film Director, Exit
    • Matthew Collins, Expert on far right hate groups; Head of Research, Hope not Hate; Author, Hate my life in the British Far Right@MattHopeNotHate
    • Julia Ebner, Expert on extremism and terrorism, @julie_renbe


  2. The Cleaners (26 September 19:30) – What do content moderators do? Screening 25,000 social media posts a day, how do they decide what to delete or ignore? After screening the documentary The Cleaners, a panel debate will discuss how do we stop social media from promoting violence and hatred, while protecting our right to freedom of expression?,@The_Cleaners_



    • Moritz Riesewieck, Film Director, The Cleaners
    • Fanny Hidvégi, European Policy Manager, Access Now, @infofannny
    • Deniz Yazici, Adviser, Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, @deniz_yaz

Visual installations for human rights





Elio Germani - Photographer Elio Germani (@ElioGermani) will display MarePlurale, a 5mx5m photomosaic of 4,624 digital pictures. It is the result of a workshop where migrants, refugees and asylum seekers acted as photographers in Trieste (Italy) between 2016 and 2017. It was conceived as a means for migrants, residents and tourists to interact and break down barriers, prejudice and discrimination.





MarePlurale © Elio Germani 2017








Pulse of Europe - Since November 2016, the European citizens' movement Pulse of Europe has been campaigning publicly for the EU’s common future. In 2017, the project Drawing (for) Europe was launched allowing freelance illustrators from various European countries to create their picture of Europe. Their drawings will be exhibited at the Forum.

Animate Europe - Animate Europe is a competition whose aim is to learn more about the idea of Europe and to see and discuss how it is perceived by its citizens. The idea started from a request from the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs asking for new and innovative ideas to communicate about Europe. The exhibition is organised by Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung – an organisation that actively encourages the political debate and develops innovative liberal approaches and solutions.

Arts during the Forum 

Throughout the Forum, various open sessions will also cover different arts topics. They range from the use of images and music to promote human rights to the importance of protecting artists as human rights defenders and many more:

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