The Forum and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

FRA is highly committed to contributing to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is inspired by the EU Treaties, which provide 'The Union shall work for the sustainable development of Europe', and the EU’s Council Conclusions (June 2017) 'A sustainable European Union: The EU response to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. 

FRA’s work is guided by the core SDG principle of ‘leave no one behind’. It delivers unique data and information that can be used by the EU, and, especially, Member States for their voluntary national reviews.

Fundamental rights form an integral part of the SDGs. They are interlinked with several international human rights treaties, as the UN’s Human Rights Office (OHCHR) has pointed out. In parallel, the European Commission’s Communication ‘Next steps for a sustainable European future European action for sustainability’ (November 2016) links several SDGs to the EU Charter for Fundamental Rights, as well as the rights and principles of the new European Pillar of Social Rights.

The FRF will provide a forum for exchanges of relevant experience and best practices across sectors and at the local, regional, national and EU levels. SDGs will be systematically discussed in all thematic working groups hosted by FRA, in two dedicated open sessions organised in cooperation with various partners and stakeholders as well as in other initiatives organised within the FRF. One of these open sessions will look at the importance of raising awareness about SDGs, and how to communicate human rights and SDGs.

In line with the principle of inter-connectivity among all SDGs, the FRF will address all SDGs in the various discussions. Particular attention will be devoted to the SDGs on education and lifelong learning, gender, economic growth and employment, equality within and among countries, climate change, peaceful and inclusive societies, access to justice, effective accountable and inclusive institutions, global partnership for sustainable development and poverty.

The outcomes of all discussions at the FRF will be made available to the EU Institutions and all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the SDGs at the EU level. Relevant outcomes will be shared with the EU Council Working Party on Agenda 2030; with the European Commission as it drafts a Reflection paper on Sustainable Development; and with stakeholders involved in the Multi-Stakeholders Platform. They will also feed into the focus chapter on the SDGs to be published in FRA's Fundamental Rights Report 2019.  

The FRF also aims to develop key messages and recommendations that will be conveyed to the High Level Political Forum 2019 ‘Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality’. For this forum, FRA will contribute to the EU’s efforts to report on SDGs by collecting data and analysis that populate a range of SDG indicators.

The fundamental rights dimensions of the SDGs will help raise awareness and the visibility of the SDGs within the EU. They will also underline the EU and its Member States’ efforts to meet these goals.

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