Non-stop sessions

Living Library - Don’t judge a book by its cover!

The Living Library works just like a regular library: you consult a librarian, browse a catalogue of titles and select the book you would like to borrow.

It was originally invented in 2000 by a group of young people in Denmark to foster dialogue. It became part of the Council of Europe’s programme for human rights education, as human rights cannot be defended by legal texts alone.

At the Forum, the Living Library will allow ‘readers’ (FRF participants) to ‘borrow’ a ‘book’ (another FRF participant) for up to 30 minutes. The ‘books’ will share their unique story with readers.

It is a space to connect and engage in new conversations with other rights advocates and rights-holders at the Forum. For more, drop in to the Library at Kesselhaus! 

The FRF Living Library is supported by the City of Vienna. 


An overarching theme of the Forum is to look at how we can move conversations about human rights issues into the mainstream.

An Ideathon is a way of putting communication ideas into practice. Over three days, the Ideathon will take YouTubers, film makers, cartoonists and journalists on a learning journey about human rights communication.

The task is to use their communication skills to take the Forum’s messages to a wider audience.

The Ideathon is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Virtual Zone

The latest digital tools and techniques used by human rights defenders to raise awareness, make sense of big data, visualise research findings, and raise funds will be the focus of the Forum’s Virtual Zone. 

In the Virtual Zone, exhibitors will coach you on how to take charge of your digital security, manage fake-news attacks, tell a captivating story with your data, and much more.

Virtual Reality documentaries will allow you to connect with the realities of a Syrian father talking to his son just before crossing the sea to Europe (Sea Prayer), an asylum seeker waiting for the big decision (Limbo) and a young migrant in a refugee camp (Clouds over Sidra).

The European Asylum Machine’s documentary will give you a look into the migration hotspots in Greece and Italy.

The Virtual Zone also brings you a variety of FRA’s own initiatives. These include:

  • our data visualisation tool;
  • insights into how the Agency’s surveys are developed;
  • the European Fundamental Rights Information System (EFRIS), currently under development;
  • a prototype human rights bot developed following a winning proposal at the Fundamental Rights Forum 2016.

At the zone the secrets of successful campaigning will also be revealed. You can learn tips and tricks of storytelling with data from data visualisation software specialist Tableau.

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