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Living Library - Don’t judge a book by its cover!

The Living Library methodology was originally invented in 2000 by a group of young people in Denmark, with the aim to foster dialogue. It became part of the Council of Europe’s programme for human rights education, contending that human rights cannot be defended by legal texts alone.

The Living Library works similarly to a regular library: visitors approach a librarian, browse a catalogue of titles and select a book they would like to borrow. At the FRF, the Living Library will allow a ‘reader’ ­– a FRF participant – to ‘borrow’ a ‘book’ – another FRF participant – for up to 30 minutes. The ‘books’ will share their unique story with the readers.

The FRF Living Library is a space to connect and engage in new conversations with other rights advocates and rights-holders present at the Forum. For more information, please see the FRF app and come visit the Living Library during the Forum at the Kesselhaus!

The FRF Living Library is supported by the City of Vienna. 


An Ideathon is a work method to put communication ideas into practice. At the Forum, the Ideathon consists of three workshops that will explore how to communicate human rights values and ‘belonging’. In addition, the Ideathon will implement the key principles of effective human rights communication, as defined following FRA expert meetings earlier this year. The Ideathon involves reaching out to ‘communication artists’ and communication professionals who, during the three days of the Forum, will be challenged to transform ideas and discussions on ‘belonging’ into communication projects.

The Ideathon is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands

Virtual Zone

The Virtual Zone aims to provide a space where participants can experience human rights issues directly. This will be enabled through features such as virtual reality screenings, data visualisations, and other digital human rights tools. FRA will offer a daily ‘digital buffet’ of inspiring and interactive tools. 

Forum participants can also display their tools at the Virtual Zone.

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