Arts and human rights

The Forum will feature many inspiring artistic elements. The Forum cooperates closely with Musicians for Human Rights; this organisation will perform at the Forum and during two open sessions. In addition, the Forum will offer two film screenings and panel debates in cooperation with ‘This Human World – International Human Rights Film Festival’ (limited places). The two films are:

  1. Exit (24 September 19:30 at Stadtkino) – How can you belong to a group that believes firmly in an idea, and what makes you suddenly change your mind? What was the ‘wake-up call’ – that made the film director Karen and a group of violent extremists leave violence and extremism behind? After the screening of the documentary ‘Exit’, a panel debate curated by FRA will discuss the possible interactions between radicalisation, hate crime and violence on one hand, and marginalisation, abuse, trauma and the feeling of belonging to a ‘group’ on the other.
  2. The Cleaners (26 September 19:30 at Stadtkino) – ‘The Cleaners’ focuses on content moderation on social media and websites. What is a content moderator responsible for? Screening 25,000 social media posts a day and deciding what to delete or ignore. It sounds obvious: no nudity, no dead children. But what if it’s a naked painting of President Trump, or a photo of a Libyan refugee child who drowned crossing the Mediterranean? A panel debate curated by FRA will engage the audience in a discussion on freedom of (artistic & political) expression, hate speech, censorship and control of the public space: how do we stop social media from promoting violence and hatred while protecting our right to freedom of expression? The screening will be followed by a debate in the presence of the film’s director, Moritz Riesewieck

MarePlurale – a visual installation by Elio Germani

The photographer Elio Germani created MarePlurale, a 5mx5m photomosaic, collecting 4,624 digital pictures. It is the result of a workshop where migrants, refugees and asylum seekers acted as photographers in Trieste (Italy) between 2016 and 2017.

It was conceived as a means to create interaction between migrants, residents and tourists in an attempt to break barriers, prejudice and discrimination.

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